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Pedro Salinas is a general practitioner graduated from the University of Carabobo, Venezuela, specializing in pediatrics, childcare, and anesthesiology. He is a regular editor on medical issues, hospital management, and health policies. He used to be an associate professor in his own alma mater and currently works as an assistant anesthesiologist in the surgical area at Dr. Angel Larralde University Hospital.
Baby who is Allergic to Cow's Milk Protein

What Options Do I Have If My Baby Is Allergic to Cow’s Milk Protein? Safety and Efficacy of a New Extensively Hydrolyzed Formula for Infants with Cow's Milk Protein Allergy

An allergy to cow’s milk protein is the main cause of childhood food allergies and is a predictive factor for other immunological diseases, such as rhinitis and asthma. Furthermore, previous studies have shown that children with allergies tend to grow less than healthy children, probably because they must eliminate several foods from their diets and… Keep Reading

What can Happen to My Baby If I Smoke During Pregnancy?

What Happens to My Baby If I Smoke during Pregnancy? Development of Oxygen Sensitivity in Infants of Smoking and Non-smoking Mothers.

The negative effects of maternal cigarette consumption have been studied for a long time. Smoking during pregnancy mainly damages the infant’s cardiovascular function and overall growth. In both scenarios, the repercussions are severe and irreversible. However, its impact on a baby’s respiratory system has not been studied exhaustively. The reasons for the lack of studies… Keep Reading

Fast Weight Gaining have Negative Consequences on My Baby

Does Rapid Weight Gain Have Negative Consequences for My Baby? Promotion of Faster Weight Gain in Infants Born Small for Gestational Age. Is There an Adverse Effect on Later Blood Pressure?

Some studies have shown that babies who are small for their gestational age have higher cardiovascular health risks than those born with adequate weight and height. Some experts encourage measures that promote postnatal growth in an effort to reduce these effects. However, there is evidence that increasing postnatal nutrition in premature infants actually raises rather… Keep Reading

Hats Made of Cotton or Wool Affect Infants’ Body Temperature

How Do Hats Made of Cotton or Wool Affect Infants’ Body Temperature? The Effect of Wool vs. Cotton Head Covering and Length of Stay with the Mother Following Delivery on Infant Temperature.

The materials from which baby’s clothes are made is not a minor concern, particularly concerning head coverings. Why? The brain of a baby represents 12 percent of its body weight, and the head is a major source of heat during infancy. It is, therefore, important to keep the baby’s head protected from the cold, especially when… Keep Reading

Does Skin-to-Skin Contact with the Father have Positive Effects on the Baby?

Does Skin-to-Skin Contact with the Father Have Positive Effects on the Baby? Skin-to-Skin Care with the Father after Cesarean Birth and Its Effect on Newborn Crying and Prefeeding Behavior

The benefits of skin-to-skin contact between a mother and her children have been thoroughly studied and demonstrated. Its importance in a baby’s initial interactions is more than proven and is considered the optimal method of care. However, this practice is not common in all obstetric care centers. In fact, some current routines separate the mother… Keep Reading

Scientific summaries related to parenting

Does Prolonged Breastfeeding Help Prevent Asthma and Allergies? Effect of Prolonged and Exclusive Breastfeeding on Risk of Allergy and Asthma: Cluster Randomized Trial

Multiple clinical studies on the protective effects of breastfeeding against asthma and allergies have been conducted over the years, but they always contained dissimilar results. Few researchers dispute the importance of breast milk in a child’s diet and the role of breastfeeding in establishing the bond between mother and baby, but there are still conflicting… Keep Reading

Skin-to-Skin Contact may Help Preterm Babies in Pain

Skin-to-Skin Contact May Help Relieve Pain in Preterm Babies The Effects of Skin-to-Skin Contact during Acute Pain in Preterm Newborns

Pain in the early stages of life is related to deep and permanent changes in babies’ brains. Despite this, many premature infants do not receive adequate treatment when they are subjected to potentially stressful or painful situations. Stress induces instability in the autonomic control systems of the child, causing alterations in heart rate, respiration, and… Keep Reading

Supplementation of Prebiotic Oligosaccharides

Is Prebiotic Supplementation Good for My Child? Early Supplementation of Prebiotic Oligosaccharides Protects Formula-Fed Infants against Infections during the First 6 Months of Life

Breastfed babies develop an intestinal microbiota dominated by lactobacilli and bifidobacteria that are less pathogenic than the intestinal flora of formula-fed infants. This balanced intestinal flora is fundamental for the proper development of the child’s immune system, and so it seems obvious that some characteristics of breast milk have not been reproduced in infant formulas,… Keep Reading

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