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Learning and Play - Toddler

Young children’s minds are like sponges. They learn about the world around them through active play and not just through books and schools. It is very important to support them in these learning endeavors. So, use this section on Learning and Play to understand how you can support your child’s learning by helping him indulge in play-based learning.

Playing is a very important part of your child’s daily routine because it helps your child interact with the world around him, exercise his imagination and also burn off excessive energy. Besides helping your child learn through books and multimedia, you need to be sensitive to your child’s needs and perceptive enough to recognize the learning opportunities hidden in day-to-day activities and capitalize them.

If a learning opportunity is not capitalized, it gets lost.  Sensitive and godly parenting helps you understand how you can help your child learn more about the world around him through play-based learning.