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Summary of Scientific Studies

There can be a lot of scientific studies on a given topic and subject, each unique in its own way, with distinct findings. Same is the case of studies done on effective parenting and dealing with a vast number of pediatric issues, which can be really helpful for parents with panache for scientific knowledge and way of doing things. However, busy parents often find it hard to go through this kind of scientific knowledge because of lack of time and energy and patience. Therefore, a precise and concise summary of lots of relevant and recent scientific studies of merit in the form of a single article or several articles can be very helpful for busy parents seeking scientific parenting advice. This kind of a summary combines a diverse viewpoint in a cohesive form and can help the parents understand all the dimensions and possibilities, the pros and cons related to a particular parenting issue or problem.

Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation or Just Iron and Folic Acid815 views

Is Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation More Effective Than Iron and Folic Acid? Prenatal Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation Has Greater Impact on Birthweight Than Supplementation with Iron and Folic Acid: A Cluster-Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Programmatic Study in Rural Niger


The micronutrient intake of pregnant women may be insufficient, especially in underdeveloped countries. Thus, nutritional supplements are necessary, but some of them have proven inefficient. Maternal nutrient deficiency has been linked to

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