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Maria Montessori’s Inspiring Parenting Quotes

Who is Maria Montessori behind the Montessori Parenting? One hundred years ago a young Italian woman, Dr. Maria Montessori devised a new approach to education based on a foundation of encouragement and respect. Maria Montessori was born in 1870 in Italy and was the first Italian woman to become a physician. Through her work she became convinced that each and every child is born with an amazing human potential, which can develop only if adults provide children with the right stimulation during the first few years of life. Montessori’s work lives on today. Her systematic approach can be replicated and

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What Is Helicopter Parenting?

Helicopter parenting is a parenting style in which the parents are closely involved with their children’s lives and try to control them too much, especially the aspects and outcomes of their children’s

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Delayed Speech and Language Development in Toddlers

Delayed speech and language development in toddlers is something that haunts many parents. Seeing their child struggling with words like “mama” and “dada” when other children of the same age are already chatterboxes causes many parents to panic and rush to pediatricians for help. But children learn at different paces. Although all