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Can Asthma in Infancy Be Prevented?

Many experts wonder if there is a way to prevent asthma in infancy due to the significant increase in asthma cases worldwide in the past twenty-five years. One of the most affected countries is Australia, where several studies have been conducted to determine the cause of the rising number of allergy and asthma cases. Exposure to dust mite allergens is one of the main environmental factors related to the onset of asthma. The diet also seems to be linked to asthma. In some regions, especially on the coasts of Australia, the prevalence of asthma is lower in areas where there

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Can My Diet Harm My Unborn Baby?

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Western societies are characterized by unhealthy diets and a high incidence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. The most alarming thing

What Is Gender-Neutral Parenting?

Gender-neutral parenting can be defined several ways depending on the perspective intended. Gender-neutral parenting may refer to a situation where children are raised without being made conscious of their sex or gender

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Can Diet Changes Help Prevent Asthma?


Despite the numerous control and prevention measures available, the incidence of asthma has not diminished. Some of the most studied and recommended preventive strategies include avoiding dust mite allergens, prolonging breastfeeding, and diminishing tobacco smoke exposure, which has proven successful in multiple clinical trials. In addition, a new strategy has emerged in