Parenting for emotional child

Parenting a Child Who Has Intense Emotions

Parenting a child with intense emotions can be stressful, especially when parents are not equipped with enough relevant information about the issue. Many children who suffer from anxiety disorders express intense emotions by throwing tantrums and crying hysterically at the

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What Are Parenting Styles?

The term parenting style refers to the combination of strategies employed to raise children. John Locke, an English philosopher in 1689, proposed

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What is A Parenting Plan?

What Is a Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan is a comprehensive child custody plan that includes details about the parents’ time-sharing and decision-making procedures regarding the child

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What can Happen to My Baby If I Smoke During Pregnancy?

What Happens to My Baby If I Smoke during Pregnancy?

The negative effects of maternal cigarette consumption have been studied for a long time. Smoking during pregnancy mainly damages the infant’s cardiovascular function and overall growth. In both scenarios, the repercussions are severe and irreversible. However, its impact on a

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