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Uninvolved Parenting

Uninvolved parenting is one of the least effective parenting styles according to psychologists. In uninvolved parenting, the parents may fully provide for the physical needs of their children, but they are not available for them either physically or emotionally (or both). Consequently, the parents are almost totally alienated from their children’s lives. Uninvolved parenting could occur because the parents work long hours or because they are struggling with conditions like depression. Children of uninvolved parenting are often withdrawn and isolated. They are also emotionally unstable because their parents do not fulfill their emotional needs. As a result, they have poor social skills. On the other hand, children may learn to be independent from a young age and thus develop higher maturity levels in that respect. Either way, uninvolved parenting has side effects that last the entire lifetime of a child.

What Are Parenting Styles?

The term parenting style refers to the combination of strategies employed to raise children. John Locke, an English philosopher in 1689, proposed

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What Is Uninvolved Parenting?2.0K views

What Is Uninvolved Parenting?


Psychologists describe uninvolved parenting as “neglectful parenting“. Therefore, in uninvolved parenting, the parent neglects the child’s physical and emotional needs. Parenting uses different approaches to achieve its ends. This study identifies several