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Emotions and Behavior

As your toddler is growing up, he or she would be displaying a variety of complex emotions and behavior. So, use this section on Emotions and Behavior to learn how you can help your child process these emotions and learn responsible and acceptable behavior.

Even in the course of one average day, a toddler experiences a variety of emotions and behaves accordingly. Some of this behavior might not be very positive.  A charming, easy-going baby can turn out to be a highly opinionated or defiant toddler. Temper tantrums and defiance might turn up as unexpected parenting tests. Some of these emotions negative and behavior might be challenging.

Your toddler just wants to assert her independence more and more. As a part of doing effective parenting in a defective world, you need to help your child come to terms with these emotions and learn to behave in an acceptable and responsible manner.

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