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Caring for your baby means teaching it a number of skills which includes learning to leave milk behind gradually and start weaning, i.e. learning to eat normal food . Read the articles from this section to wean your baby in a gradual, gentle and wholesome manner. Milk is sufficed for your baby for a few months of its life. However, after the initial few months of breastfeeding or bottle feeding, your baby is ready to transition towards eating semi-solid and solid food and needs to be gently weaned towards this diet. An age appropriate and balanced diet would help your baby get hold of the vital nutrients and gain body weight. A great parenting strategy and guidance will help you in introducing your baby gradually to purees, semi-solids, and solids and start eating a diverse range of healthy and nourishing food.

When Do I Start Weaning My Baby?: Parenting from the Inside Out

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Weaning - Time to Start the Solids

Breastmilk is the most comprehensive and beneficial source of nutrition for a baby in the initial period of life. But eventually, the baby needs to transition from breastmilk or formula to solid foods. This is a very important stage in parenting from the inside out. During this time, babies learn to chew food, use their fingers…

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The Pros and Cons of Baby-Led Weaning versus Parent-Led Weaning: Responsive Parenting

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The Pros and Cons of Baby-Led Weaning Versus Parent-Led Weaning - Responsive Parenting
The Pros and Cons of Baby-Led Weaning Versus Parent-Led Weaning

Based on their respective lifestyles, personal choices, and responsive parenting strategies, some parents choose parent-led weaning, while others allow their babies to wean themselves (also known as baby-led weaning). A baby’s transition from milk to solid food is a crucial growth milestone; however, the transition can be challenging if the baby is picky or tends…

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