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Effective Parenting in a Defective World

We live in a world that is by and large defective and imperfect. Every aspect and phase of our lives brings its own challenges and issues. Parenting is no different. Despite modern day advancements, parenting has become challenging than ever because the kids are born with special emotional and psychical needs and yet not enough support and guidance for the parents. There are developmental delays and then peer pressure and the influence of the electronic media are added pressures that parents have to combat with when raising a child. Parents find it hard to cope up with these pressures and respond to the needs of the children and the challenges in a patient way. They are met with lots of defiance when from their kids’ sides when they try to lay down rules. However, the right kind of parenting advice, clearly defined rules, a lot of patience and love, and godly parenting can help parents in doing effective parenting in a defective world.

Gender Neutral Parenting

What Is Gender-Neutral Parenting?

Gender-neutral parenting can be defined several ways depending on the perspective intended. Gender-neutral parenting may refer to a situation where children are

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