What Is Corporate Parenting?

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Corporate parenting is the parental responsibility of council employees, its partners, elected members, and the council as a whole to collectively safeguard the well-being of children under council custody. All people involved are expected to care for, love, and provide for the children like they were their own.

The council fulfills all the children’s needs (physical, emotional, medical, financial, and even educational) as outlined here. The involved parties are bound by a legal agreement, which has both positive and negative consequences.

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Corporate Parent Role

Corporate parents are expected to perform the usual parental roles, as follows:

  1. Provision. The children assigned to the council are entitled to the provision of physical needs, love, care, attention, medical needs, educational needs, psychological needs, and social support in order to achieve the children’s utmost potential.
  2. Nurturing. All children need guidance and counseling in their day-to-day lives. As such, proper guidance is of the utmost importance.
  3. Protection. The council endeavors to protect the children from any physical and emotional harm. Corporate parents are to protect the children entrusted to them from malicious people, bad influences, and negative peer pressure.
  4. Responsibility. Corporate parents must train children to take responsibility for their actions and give them opportunities to practice being responsible.
  5. Educational and spiritual guidance. The foundations of education and spirituality have a huge impact on the eventual outcome of a child’s life. Children assigned to council care deserve a proper formal education and a spiritual upbringing to prepare them for the future.

Results of Corporate Parenting

Children left in corporate care are mostly victims of their circumstances, but they have the right to lead normal lives like other kids. Being in corporate care, the children eventually develop a sense of identity and self-worth if they feel loved, respected, and appreciated. They have equal access to all physical, social, and medical services and thus are able to enjoy a life of good health.

Corporate children also receive proper physical care and good housing and are kept safe from harm and bullying. They can play and learn in safe environments just like other children. Most of all, children assigned to corporate care enjoy privacy with minimal intrusions into their personal lives.


Studies have shown that corporate parenting positively impacts children academically and socially. Hence, corporate parenting may be a good option for children in need of parental care. Councils must demonstrate their commitment to helping all children under their care in every aspect.


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