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Hello! I am Roselia Shi, mom to a feisty one-and a-half-year-old girl named Tara. We live in Newport, Arkansas. I enjoy solving everyday health and parenting problems. I have a university degree in clinical pharmacy and pharmacology. I started exploring science-based parenting soon after Tara was born. Parenting Science is a small attempt to share some useful information and insights about responsive parenting.
Planned parenting

What Is Planned Parenting?

Planned parenting refers to those parents who consciously make the effort to get pregnant and have a child. Parenting is the process of rearing a child from infancy to adulthood. While some women get pregnant unexpectedly or accidentally, some parents actually plan on having a baby. This study discusses planned parenting in more detail.  Advantages… Keep Reading

What Parenting Style Is Associated with Child Aggression?

What Parenting Style Is Associated with Child Aggression?

Each parenting style has different effects on children’s growth and development. The parenting styles recommended by psychologists result in children who are emotionally stable and responsible, but other parenting styles result in children who are immature and emotionally unstable. Furthermore, some parenting styles cause aggressive behavior and general aggression. Such children are victims of parenting… Keep Reading

Tough love parenting

What Is Tough Love Parenting?

Tough love parenting involves harsh or stern measures meant to help the child in the long run. It is characterized by stringent rules and tough discipline. On some occasions, it strongly resembles authoritarian parenting. Experts say that rigidness does not promote the proper growth of children, but it has proven to have some benefits, especially… Keep Reading

Shared parenting in Ohio

How to Get Shared Parenting in Ohio

Shared parenting in Ohio refers to when both parents are assigned childcare responsibilities in cases of divorce or legal separation. Most states call it joint custody, but that phrase was erased in Ohio State and replaced with shared parenting. The main priority of shared parenting is to focus on the best interests of the children,… Keep Reading

How to Handle Stepparenting

How to Handle Stepparenting

Stepparenting can be tricky, especially when the stepparent’s parenting strategies are different from those of the child’s biological parents, but it is an issue that can be worked out. Some research offers ways to handle stepparenting in order to ease the struggle for the parents. A stepparent is a person who is married to the… Keep Reading

Why Should Parents Take Parenting Classes?

Why Should Parents Take Parenting Classes?

Parents should take parenting classes in an effort to do everything they can to help their children reach their full potential. Indeed, parenting classes are a rising trend among parents in today’s world. They have many advantages as well as disadvantages, but their main goal is to better equip parents with up-to-date parenting skills and… Keep Reading

What is Shared Patrenting in Ohio

What Is Shared Parenting in Ohio?

In Ohio State, shared parenting is a legal procedure that is conducted based on the premise that children are better off being raised by both parents rather than just one parent. It requires both parents to work together after divorce. Shared parenting in Ohio can operate through either joint custody, with specified schedules that incorporate… Keep Reading

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