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Parenting Plan

A parenting plan is a legal document that outlines a schedule for two parents who are either divorced or legally separated. The main aim of a parenting plan is to specify the exact contributions of each parent (such as finances and time) for the continued nurturing and support of their children during a divorce. It ensures a smooth transition for the children and protects them from any imminent conflicts between the parents. A good parenting plan focuses on the well-being of the children and addresses important issues, such as the children’s education, health care, and special needs. Parents should strive to work around the children’s schedules and be as flexible as possible. The court usually allows the parents to draft their own parenting plan and only steps in to make it official. If the parents cannot agree on a plan, the court will appoint a mediator to help them come to an agreement. If the parents still disagree, the court will draft a plan for them, to which they must adhere. It is always better for parents to draft their own parenting plans since most plans drafted by the court are not as practical.