How to Get Shared Parenting in Ohio

Shared parenting in Ohio refers to when both parents are assigned childcare responsibilities in cases of divorce or legal separation. Most states call it joint custody, but that phrase was erased in

What Is Shared Parenting in Ohio?

In Ohio State, shared parenting is a legal procedure that is conducted based on the premise that children are better off being raised by both parents rather than just one parent. It

How to Become a Parenting Coordinator

A parenting coordinator, according to this study, is an individual (preferably a lawyer) who acts as an intermediary between parents and children from families of high-conflict divorce. Commonly referred to as PCs,

How to Write a Parenting Plan

Writing a parenting plan is an activity that should involve both parents. To create the parenting plan, the parents should mutually agree on a few strategies for the sake of their child’s

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