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Supplements are really helpful for maintaining our health and vitality. Our bodies begin to lose vigor and nutrients due to stress, environmental factors, illness or aging. Or at times, extra energy is needed when a person is going through a particular phase of his or her life where there is a higher need for energy, such as pregnancy, lactation, sports, studying for exams, etc. If this additional need for energy and nutrients isn’t met or depletion isn’t eradicated then the person falls seriously ill. Consuming nutritional supplements and vitamins in these cases is helpful as they help the person in question gain the require strength but also boost his or her immunity. However, supplements shouldn’t be started on one’s whim but a doctor should be consulted and the provided guideline for the usage should be followed. On should be aware that the excessive and unnecessary use of supplements can even be dangerous for your health.

Iron Supplements During Pregnancy753 views

Will My Child Be Smarter If I Take Iron Supplements during Pregnancy? Effect of Iron Supplementation during Pregnancy on the Intelligence Quotient and Behavior of Children at 4 Years of Age: Long-Term Follow-Up of a Randomized Controlled Trial


Taking iron as a nutritional supplement is a common practice during pregnancy. In fact, it is recommended by most health institutions around the world. However, experts are divided about whether iron should be

Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation or Just Iron and Folic Acid815 views

Is Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation More Effective Than Iron and Folic Acid? Prenatal Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation Has Greater Impact on Birthweight Than Supplementation with Iron and Folic Acid: A Cluster-Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Programmatic Study in Rural Niger


The micronutrient intake of pregnant women may be insufficient, especially in underdeveloped countries. Thus, nutritional supplements are necessary, but some of them have proven inefficient. Maternal nutrient deficiency has been linked to

Parenting Research Summaries538 views

Prebiotics and Probiotics Ensure Infant Growth and Promote Gut Health Starter Formula Enriched in Prebiotics and Probiotics Ensures Normal Growth of Infants and Promotes Gut Health: A Randomized Clinical Trial


Breastfed infants are better protected against infections than formula-fed infants. Why? Because breast milk stimulates the development of bifidobacteria in the baby’s gut, and this bifidobacterium-rich microbiota has an important immunoprotective effect.