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A diaper is a type of disposable underwear that is specifically designed for children. Some years back, cloth nappies were the main attire for clothing kids. With a diaper, caregivers need not worry about the frequent changing and washing of clothes because the babies can defecate and urinate in the diaper, which can be disposed of safely. Besides babies, toddlers also wear diapers. Studies have shown that diapers are becoming a close ally for mothers, especially the working women who are usually very busy to run a full laundry load every day. However, experts have warned that diapers need to be used properly; otherwise, they can cause skin rashes. Therefore, this section details the proper use of a diaper.

What Is RIE Parenting?

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What is RIE Parenting?
Treat babies the way any person would want to be treated

RIE parenting (which stands for Resources for Infant Educarers and is pronounced “wry”) is a philosophy developed in 1978 by Magda Gerber, an early childhood educator. Since then, it has gained a lot of attention and has become an important topic in child rearing. One blog source defines RIE as follows: “RIE stands for ‘Resources…

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Costly Diapering Mistakes and Positive Parenting Solutions

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Diapering Mistakes and Positive Parenting Solutions
Putting diapers on a newborn seems like a straight-laced and easy task; however, not all parents can get it right in the initial attempts.

Positive parenting solutions are needed for various parenting challenges. Putting diapers on a newborn seems like a straightforward and easy task; however, not all parents get it right in their initial attempts. Disposable diapers can be too loose, too tight, or even put on backward. This causes inevitable leaks, poop explosions, and huge messes to…

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Seven Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying: Positive Parenting Solutions

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Your Baby is Crying and Positive Parenting Solutions
Positive parenting solutions can help stressed-out parents soothe their baby quickly.

Babies are vulnerable, and they rely on their parents for comfort and to have their needs met. Whenever babies feel distressed, they cry. Prolonged crying spells not only make the parents feel helpless, but they also frustrate everyone. It takes a lot of trial and error as well as positive parenting solutions to figure out…

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Coming Home with Your Newborn: What You Need to Know

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Coming home with newborn preparation
Coming Home with Your New Born: What Do Your Need to Know?

The baby is finally here after nearly nine months of waiting. You cannot wait to take the baby home. But now that the baby is out in the world, the newborn may keep you so busy that you don’t even have time to scratch your head. No matter how many books about parenting you read…

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Potty Training and Your Baby’s Brain: Responsive Parenting

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Potty Training and Your Baby’s Brain: What to Expect and How to Do Responsive Parenting!
Potty Training and Your Baby's Brain

Potty training is an important developmental milestone that marks a child’s relative independence. Yet, potty training is daunting for parents as well as for children because it involves establishing a routine, creating good habits, enforcing discipline, and being patient. Responsive parenting helps parents and children achieve success.  Since children’s personalities and physical abilities differ, potty…

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