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Caring for the baby also means dealing with its crying cycles and helping your baby find relief. This section on crying of babies will help you understand why your baby is crying in the light of scientific evidence and it will also give you practical tips to resolve the fussy crying issue of your baby through positive parenting solutions. Crying is a sign that babies show to express their distress, but it’s very overwhelming for new parents. There can be enormous psychical or psychological reasons why your baby might be crying. Once you understand the scientific reasons behind why your baby might be crying, you would be in a better position to soothe it.  Since your baby is too young to self-soothe itself, it is relying on you soothe it. Parents who are already exhausted find the hours’ long crying spells of their infants very frustrating, so being better informed and having some handy tips can help them.

Seven Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying: Positive Parenting Solutions

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Your Baby is Crying and Positive Parenting Solutions
Positive parenting solutions can help stressed-out parents soothe their baby quickly.

Babies are vulnerable, and they rely on their parents for comfort and to have their needs met. Whenever babies feel distressed, they cry. Prolonged crying spells not only make the parents feel helpless, but they also frustrate everyone. It takes a lot of trial and error as well as positive parenting solutions to figure out…

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Eight Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby: Parenting on Purpose

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8 Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby through Parenting On Purpose
Crying Baby

A baby comes into the world crying. It is considered a sign of vigor and health. Crying is the way babies communicate even after birth. Parenting on purpose helps parents understand their baby’s cues and respond accordingly. However, excessive crying can be pretty nerve-racking for parents, and it has a physiological impact on babies too.…

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