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Milestones are developmental stages of a baby that start right after birth. Evidence-based information shows that children follow a sequence of growth stages in which a particular milestone is followed by another. Here, you will learn that science-based research requires that you should be vigilant in observing your baby’s milestones since they determine growth or the lack of it. Children do not follow similar patterns of milestones, e.g., your child may start by crawling while another one starts by sitting.  A milestone will also help any physician determine if there is any physical or developmental problem with your child.

What Is Your Infant Really Getting through Breast Milk? Breast Milk Composition and Infant Nutrient Intakes during the First 12 Months of Life

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Breast milk composition and infant nutrient intakes

Breastfeeding is the most beautiful act between a mother and her child. But have you ever wondered what nutrients a child receives through breast milk? This is not a silly or unusual question, especially for mothers who, as recommended, exclusively breastfeed their children during the first months of life. Breastfeeding has multiple advantages, including a…

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Does Home Food Fortification Improve Brain Development? Prenatal Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements Affect Maternal Anthropometric Indicators Only in Certain Subgroups of Rural Bangladeshi Women

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Home food fortification involves adding special nutritional products to home meals. Some commonly used supplements are lipid-based nutrient supplements (LNS), multiple micronutrient powders (MNP), and iron and folic acid supplements (IFA). Other examples include fat-soluble soya flour, which contains various vitamins and minerals. The commonly preferred nutrients for home fortification are MNP and LNS. LNS…

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A Guide to a Baby’s Developmental Milestones: 7 to 12 Months

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Toddler development milestones
7 to 12 Months Guide of the Developmental Milestones

A baby turning six months of age is a moment of celebration for parents. The baby has crossed the half-year mark. Responsive parenting has enabled this to happen. The baby is learning to communicate and showing interest in food that the parents are eating. He or she is slowly and steadily progressing from infancy to…

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A Guide to a Baby’s Developmental Milestones: 1 to 6 Months

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A Month by Month Guide to Developmental Milestones
After birth, babies tend to grow at an amazing speed and rate.

After birth, babies tend to grow at an amazing speed and rate. Besides physical and emotional growth, a baby also learns to master a variety of skills and experiences different kinds of achievements. As this research explains, “By convention, these neurodevelopmental ‘laws’ or sequences often are described in terms of the traditional developmental milestones.” This article…

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