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Sleep is very important for a baby, especially during the early stages of life but getting your baby to sleep in a routinely manner can be a problem. Scientifically, your child should have more sleeping hours, but these will reduce as they grow up. Sleep psychologically affects the growth of your child’s brain and development of vital organs, that’s why you need to make sure that he or she is able to sleep properly and comfortably throughout the night. In this section, i.e., sleep; you will learn more about baby sleep training and the scientific importance of sleep at every stage of growth.

Do Diet and Nutrients Modulate Infant Sleep? Diet and Nutrients in the Modulation of Infant Sleep: A Review of the Literature

in Research Findings
Diet and nutrients in the modulation of infant sleep

Establishing sleep patterns is very important for the neurological and behavioral development of a child. Physical, cerebral, and cognitive growth occurs at an extraordinary rate during early development, and sleep plays a particularly crucial role at this stage. But regulating an infant’s sleep behavior can be a headache for parents. It is particularly difficult to…

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What Is Attachment Parenting?

in Parenting FAQs

Attachment parenting is a pedagogical concept that is love-oriented and encourages intense physical contact between the child and the mother. It is a parenting style that relies on maternal empathy, touch, and bodily closeness, with the objective of achieving greater infant-mother bonding. According to a doctoral work, attachment parenting refers to “a suite of practices that…

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How to Nurture Your Baby’s Brain through Responsive and Godly Parenting

in Emotions and Behavior
Nurture Your Baby’s Brain Through Responsive

Parents are very much concerned with their babies’ physical comfort and nutrition because they want their children to become healthy and physically strong. Likewise, parents need to give equal importance and attention to their babies’ emotional needs and nurturing in order to raise balanced, caring, and empathetic individuals. These are the traits of godly parenting…

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Four Supplements That Can Help You Sleep Better

in Maternity
four supplements that can help you sleep better

Sleep plays a vital role in the maintenance of a healthy body. A person needs seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Lack of sleep causes many physical and emotional issues. It hastens the aging process and slows the metabolism, and it can lead to chronic fatigue, lower immunity, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure,…

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How Parenting on Purpose Nurtures Your Baby’s Sleep Habits and Brain Development

in Sleep Training
Baby Sleep Habits and Brain Development
Sleep plays a crucial role in the baby’s mental and physical development.

Sleep plays a crucial role in a baby’s mental and physical development. According to research, “the importance of sleep and preservation of sleep cycles in infants has been known for more than 40 years…Parents are playing an increasingly important role in supporting early development.” Parenting on purpose ensures that the baby develops sound habits early on so…

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Independent Sleeping versus Co-sleeping: Where’s the Best Place for My Baby to Sleep?

in Sleep Training
Independent Sleeping Versus Co-sleeping
Independent Sleeping Versus Co-sleeping

One of the inevitable debates related to infant sleep is whether the baby should sleep in the parents’ bed or in a crib either in the parents’ room or in a nursery. Thus, positive parenting solutions to help babies rest and develop in a reassuring environment need to be identified. A little research and prudence can help…

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Coming Home with Your Newborn: What You Need to Know

in Newborn Care
Coming home with newborn preparation
Coming Home with Your New Born: What Do Your Need to Know?

The baby is finally here after nearly nine months of waiting. You cannot wait to take the baby home. But now that the baby is out in the world, the newborn may keep you so busy that you don’t even have time to scratch your head. No matter how many books about parenting you read…

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Is Cry It Out Sleep Training Harmful or Useful?: Positive Parenting Solutions

in Sleep Training
Cry it Out Sleep Training-Harmful or Useful- Positive Parenting Solutions
Cry it Out Sleep Training

Babies spend much of their time sleeping during the first month after birth and wake up only when they are hungry or wet. But after a while, babies are not only awake more often, but they are also awake at the wrong time. Sleep deprivation is a reality with which parents must deal. It tests…

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