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Permissive Parenting

Permissive parenting, also known as indulgent parenting, is one of the four parenting styles recognized by psychology. As the term implies, in permissive parenting, children get whatever they want whenever they want it, and they are generally allowed to do anything they desire. Permissive parents are more like friends to their children rather than parents. They show excessive love and provide very few and inconsistent rules. Children have a lot of freedom and minimal guidance or behavioral expectations. Therefore, permissive parenting normally produces spoiled children since they are never punished and don’t receive behavioral guidance. Because the children grow up believing they can do and have whatever they want, they are a lot more immature and aggressive than their peers. They also tend to be poor decision-makers because they receive little help or guidance. Some children end up frustrated and depressed and, consequently, may turn to delinquency and substance abuse. Children of permissive parents perform poorly compared to their peers in many aspects. They may have trouble coping with life as adults.

Indulgent Paraenting

What Is Indulgent Parenting?

Indulgent parenting, also known as permissive parenting, is one of the four parenting styles defined by psychologists. In indulgent parenting, parents tend

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