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Positive Parenting Solutions

Parenting is hard, especially when you think and feel that you are doing it right and yet you have a disrespectful child. Evidence-based information shows that most parents will tend to punish their disobedient children in an effort to try and get the best from them. Scientific information shows that these children only become harder, as they become used to your punishments. In this section, you will learn better ways of positive parenting which will include listening and understanding the main causes of disobedience and the scientific ways of resolving them.

How Does Positive Parenting Encourage Personal Development?

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How can Positive Parenting Encourage Personal Development?

Positive parenting is not a new concept. Many parents have been practicing it and reaping its benefits without knowing that there is a fancy name for it. Studies show that parents who utilize positive parenting approaches rear children who are more tolerant, independent, and less prone to risky behaviors. On the other hand, studies have…

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Why Are Consequences an Important Part of Positive Parenting?

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Why are Consequences an Important Part of Positive Parenting?
Consequences are the pillars that motivate and build on desirable behavior. Photo by Thiago Cerqueira on Unsplash

Consequences are the results of a given behavior. In positive parenting, consequences are the pillars that motivate and promote desirable behavior. They act as guidelines that govern the entire process of child-rearing. Consequences affect every stage and milestone of the parenting process and should be positive reminders of the parents’ behavioral expectations for their children.…

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How Swinging Benefits Children: Positive Parenting Solutions

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Benefits of Swinging for Child
Swinging, in particular, is not just a fun activity but can be extremely therapeutic.

Besides being held, rocking is another integral movement that comforts babies. The rhythmic and gentle motions are a part of the positive parenting solutions that help parents soothe their babies. It also helps relieve colic in babies and helps parents put their babies to sleep quickly. Toddlers, and even adults, enjoy swinging and rocking sensations.…

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Costly Diapering Mistakes and Positive Parenting Solutions

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Diapering Mistakes and Positive Parenting Solutions
Putting diapers on a newborn seems like a straight-laced and easy task; however, not all parents can get it right in the initial attempts.

Positive parenting solutions are needed for various parenting challenges. Putting diapers on a newborn seems like a straightforward and easy task; however, not all parents get it right in their initial attempts. Disposable diapers can be too loose, too tight, or even put on backward. This causes inevitable leaks, poop explosions, and huge messes to…

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What Is Authoritative Parenting?

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Authoritative Parenting
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Authoritative parenting is child-centered; the parents are close with their children, maintain high expectations for behavior and performance, and adhere to a strict schedule and discipline. In authoritative parenting, parents have full control of their children’s upbringing. They set certain standards to ensure that the children meet a high standard of emotional, spiritual, and physical…

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Seven Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying: Positive Parenting Solutions

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Your Baby is Crying and Positive Parenting Solutions
Positive parenting solutions can help stressed-out parents soothe their baby quickly.

Babies are vulnerable, and they rely on their parents for comfort and to have their needs met. Whenever babies feel distressed, they cry. Prolonged crying spells not only make the parents feel helpless, but they also frustrate everyone. It takes a lot of trial and error as well as positive parenting solutions to figure out…

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How to Nurture Your Toddler’s Brain in Order to Raise a Positive, Well-Balanced, and Emotive Adult

in Emotions and Behavior
Toddlers Brain Development

Despite the wealth of information available, effective parenting in a defective world is a tough job because toddlers have an overwhelming amount of needs. Children’s needs are not just physical. They have numerous emotional and psychological needs as well. Parents need to be physically and emotionally available for their toddlers. Patience and emotional attentiveness are…

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What Is Child-Rearing?

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Child rearing

Child-rearing, also known as parenting, is the process of bringing up children from infancy to adulthood and providing for all their needs. Child-rearing involves training children by punishing wrong behavior and rewarding good behavior. It also encompasses promoting children’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. Effective child-rearing improves a child’s self-confidence and results in responsible…

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