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Primary care and parenting have an influence on the child’s academic career. Several scientific research studies have been conducted on how parenting can impact the academic aspect of a person, and the results have shown a direct correlation between the two variables. The style employed by the parent will have a great impact on one’s performance. Given that parenting is academically fundamental, every parent or guardian should put more emphasis on it. This section will discuss at length how proper parenting may be beneficial for a child’s educational outcomes and vice versa. It will also outline the best techniques and approaches to do better parenting in order to create better academic outcomes for the child, with the help of scientifically backed evidence.

What is Corporate Parenting

What Is Corporate Parenting?

Corporate parenting is the parental responsibility of council employees, its partners, elected members, and the council as a whole to collectively safeguard

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Free-range Parenting

What Is Free-Range Parenting?

In free-range parenting, children are allowed to make their own decisions with minimal parental supervision. Children are left to do most basic

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