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Ideally, child's immunity is every parent's concern. Germs and microbes in the environment can negatively impact the development of the child’s immune system. Building the child's immune system is therefore essential through preventive and proactive measures. Most baby sicknesses are the result of bacteria and viruses which can only be fought through by a strong immune system. The weak immune system makes the child become prone to diseases and can lead to premature death in extreme cases. This section will give information that is well researched on how one can boost one’s child's immune system through natural means.


Maternal Immune Activation and a Baby’s Brain Development Maternal Immune Activation during the Third Trimester Is Associated with Neonatal Functional Connectivity of the Salience Network and Fetal to Toddler Behavior


In the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s brain architecture and neural circuits rapidly mature. During this crucial period, the baby’s brain is highly vulnerable to many factors, such as the activation