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Tantrum Toddler

Temper tantrum is a common occurrence in the social development of children. Every so often, they get frustrated because of the reality they do no longer have the language talents to express themselves clearly. Yet they are are a normal part of child development. They are the way young children show others that they're upset or frustrated and would react to their environment. Toddlers are very involved with their very own wishes and ideas. This is why we can't expect them to be happy and caring towards others always, and they shouldn’t be expected to do so. You need to make certain that they could explore and discover their emotions in a surrounding that is secure for them, without fear of punishment.

Indulgent Paraenting

What Is Indulgent Parenting?

Indulgent parenting, also known as permissive parenting, is one of the four parenting styles defined by psychologists. In indulgent parenting, parents tend

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