How Does Bad Parenting Affect a Child?

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Bad parenting is not a single event or act but rather a series of actions that negatively affect a child’s growth and development. Parenting is a process with measurable achievements over time that become evident as the child grows from infancy to adulthood.

However, not all parents have the favorable skills necessary to raise a child into a morally upright and intellectually developed adult. This journal gives some insight into the relationship between bad parenting and the overall development of a child.

Generally, bad parenting causes a myriad of disorders in a child, some of which are adverse and long-lasting.

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Effects of Bad Parenting

Bad parenting seriously affects a child’s growth and development in the following ways:

  1. Low self-esteem. Bad parenting exposes a child to criticism, belittlement, and a lack of support. As a result, the child suffers low self-esteem and low self-confidence and is not able to interact beneficially with his or her peers.
  2. Psychological disorders. When a child is subjected to abuse either directly or indirectly, he or she suffers withdrawal and finds it hard to socialize. Stress and depression make it difficult for the child to open up to people.
  3. Poor social relationships. Bad parenting results in spoiled children who believe in only what they know or want. Relating to others is difficult for the child because other children will not want to associate with him or her.
  4. Vulnerable child. When children try to find their own way without the proper support, guidance, or counseling, more often than not, they turn the wrong way. Bad parenting thus increases the child’s risk of drug and substance abuse, violence, and juvenile delinquency.
  5. Poor academic performance. Neglect and withdrawal affect all spheres of children’s lives, including academic performance. Without the proper care, a child’s academic achievement and sense of self-worth will suffer.

How Does Bad Parenting Affect a Child’s Learning?

Research on the relationship between bad parenting and a child’s academic performance aptly determines that bad parenting has a direct impact on the cognitive development of a child. As a result, the child suffers both academically and socially. Bad parenting deprives a child of the confidence and attitude necessary for good academic achievement.

Instead, the child is often disorganized and disoriented. Poor academic performance ultimately affects a child’s overall development and has a negative impact on his or her future.


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