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Parenting from the inside out is a demanding and exhausting job. Parenting includes taking care of not only of the new life taking shape inside you but later on, your newborn. But most importantly, it is all about taking care of yourself as an expecting mother and then as the mother of a newborn. In case you have been finding yourself or a near and dear mommy or mommy-to-be guilty of self-neglect then we have compiled an exclusive section on Maternity Health which would cover all these aspects in detail. Most mothers tend to get so much taken over by the responsibilities and of their new role, the seemingly relentless demands of their babies, and the expectations and demands from their near and dear ones, that they begin ignoring their own health and wellness. This leads to various physical and emotional issues, such as insomnia, anxiety, burnout, lack of proper nutrition during pregnancy and after it; and most importantly, postnatal depression. Seeking proper help and guidance would help you save your health and be a better mom.

Supplemental Iron Intake During Pregnancy Lead to Gestational Diabetes731 views

Does Supplemental Iron Intake during Pregnancy Lead to Gestational Diabetes? Supplemental Iron Intake and the Risk of Glucose Intolerance in Pregnancy: Re-analysis of a Randomised Controlled Trial in Finland


Iron supplements are often taken during pregnancy. However, some observational studies suggest that high iron intake may lead to gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes (GD), or glucose intolerance during pregnancy, increases the risk

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