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Maternity care refers to the services given to a pregnant mother from the time she becomes pregnant up until she gives birth. It is a preparation stage for motherhood. While motherhood itself is maternity as well, most people mainly use the term to refer to the period when a woman is expecting. The body of a pregnant woman goes through an enormous transformation that needs to be handled carefully. Changes like breast and belly enlargement, weight gain, morning sickness, and even food cravings all occur during the maternity period. Therefore, mothers should maintain a regular balanced diet, drink enough water, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep and rest. During the maternity period, pregnant women often wear maternity clothes in order to remain comfortable as the belly grows, attend maternity classes to prepare for motherhood, and eventually take maternity leave from work. Most women also shop for baby clothes and prepare the baby’s room to get ready for their babies.

Supplemental Iron Intake During Pregnancy Lead to Gestational Diabetes731 views

Does Supplemental Iron Intake during Pregnancy Lead to Gestational Diabetes? Supplemental Iron Intake and the Risk of Glucose Intolerance in Pregnancy: Re-analysis of a Randomised Controlled Trial in Finland


Iron supplements are often taken during pregnancy. However, some observational studies suggest that high iron intake may lead to gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes (GD), or glucose intolerance during pregnancy, increases the risk