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Healthy Diet

A healthy and balanced diet is very important for your child, as his body is growing and developing rapidly at this stage and needs the right nutrients. So, use this section on Healthy Diet to learn common sense parenting tips and strategies and positive parenting solutions to help your child eat in a healthy and non-fussy way.

A healthy diet and proper nutrition help children live a healthy life, maintain a healthy weight and avoid various health issues and diseases at later stages in life. A healthy diet also helps children maintain their energy and ideal body weight, keep their minds sharps and their immunity high.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to feed toddlers in the way you want, as most of them become defiant and willful at this particular age. Also, their preference for unhealthy snacks, untimely grazing, and preference for junk food with harmful additives, preservatives, and colors also aggravate the situation.