What Is Effective Parenting?

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According to this article, effective parenting is the act of “carrying out the responsibilities of raising and relating to children in such a manner that the child is well prepared to realize his or her full potential as a human being.”

In addition, effective parenting refers to a parenting style that increases the child’s chances of becoming the most capable adult he or she can be. In parenting, it is also known as productive parenting because it helps the child grow into an adult who is morally and intellectually accomplished.

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Effective Parenting Skills

Effective parenting skills are the general rules that apply to any parent who wants to raise a productive and sensitive child who will eventually become a sensible and responsible adult. Most parents may not practice every skill, but new parenting skills can be learned along the way and incorporated into the child-rearing process bit by bit. Here are some key skills for successful parenting:

  1. Nurturing. A child’s growth and development is not just physical. It also involves cognitive, social, and emotional development. In effective parenting, the parents are the child’s first nurturers and teachers, so they are responsible for giving their children the best care possible in their early years.
  2. Discipline. Effective parenting is based on fair discipline and positive reinforcement. The purpose of discipline is to establish good behaviors and eliminate undesirable behaviors. Parents should be active in their children’s lives so that they can remain aware of any issues in their children’s daily growth and development.
  3. Protection. Parents should protect their children from physical harm, emotional harm, and psychological harm. Bullying, discrimination, and bad influences can hinder the proper growth of a child if not addressed early enough.
  4. Provision. Effective parenting means providing for children’s physical and emotional needs. Love, care, and attention are just as essential as food, clothing, and shelter. All these things are mandatory for the healthy development of a child.

What Does Effective Parenting Accomplish?

The overall goal of effective parenting is to help the child realize his or her full potential as an adult. The characteristics of such children, as outlined in this book, are as follows:

  1. High levels of self-esteem and self-confidence. Constant encouragement and support from parents promotes high self-esteem and self-confidence.
  2. Independent and responsible. If children are taught to be independent and responsible at a young age, they will become independent and responsible adults.
  3. Emotional stability. With discipline and parental guidance, a child is able to learn how to manage and control aggression and aggressive behaviors.
  4. Intellectual competence. A child with parental support and guidance is highly competent in any social and academic setting.
  5. Innovative and self-reliant. The children are aware of their productivity and the value they bring to society. Thus, they take their accomplishments and future contribution to society seriously.


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