Ohio Shared Parenting Child Support Calculator

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Child support in Ohio is based on the earnings of both parents. It features a percentage of each of their incomes, where the nonresidential parent pays child support to the residential parent without considering his or her income. There could be deductions from the total amount, especially if there are education and medical coverage policies included regarding the child or children in question.

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Some factors might influence the court’s decision, but the bottom line is that the child support calculator works for both shared parenting and sole custody, as stated here. There are calculators available online to help if needed. After parents provide the necessary income details, the calculator will automatically generate the exact amount needed for child support.

Ohio Child Support Calculator

The calculator takes into account the parents’ incomes, any other income, whether a parent is self-employed or not, any benefits being received, any deductions being made, and the parent who is paying for health care.

Ohio Child Support Calculator Website
Ohio Child Support Calculator by Department of Job and Family Services, ohio.gov. Can be accessed here

While the exact amount to be calculated can be mind-boggling, divorce attorneys can help figure out the correct procedure and forms to use. The calculator is only for rough estimates and may not provide exact projections. If parents are unsure of the figures, contact an attorney. Note that the figures might be adjusted if the court deems fit.

Both parents’ annual incomes are added together, and depending on the number of children, the court determines the percentage of support owed. The parent paying for support will pay half of the annual support amount. The owed amount will be deducted in given amounts from the paycheck of the paying parent (preferably every month) for the entire year.

Since the rules surrounding child support calculations can be complex, these guidelines serve only as a reference. Consult an expert for proper information and guidance.

Ohio Child Support Guidelines

Child support is a complicated issue in Ohio due to several factors. Sometimes the court may order different children to reside with different parents, and this will alter the entire calculation since it is not featured in the child support calculator. Other factors to consider are the amount of time the affected child or children get to spend with each parent and any pre-existing special needs of the child or children in question. Also, Ohio courts stick to a state guideline for calculating child support and determining how much each parent pays.


Child support and visitation are considered separate cases in the state of Ohio. As a result, courts opt to give shared custody to both parents unless one is deemed unfit. Divorce is stressful, but parents need to work out support for themselves and their children. Refer to the calculator guidelines and this research for more insight, or contact an attorney if more clarification is needed.


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