When Does Parenting Get Easier?

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Parenting is not an easy task. Actually, it is one of the most challenging roles in which a person will ever take part. Every parent has asked himself or herself at some point when the process will get easier.

For some parents, parenting is most difficult when their child is a newborn because he or she may cry a lot. Therefore, parents are stressed and lack sleep or even appetite because of their child. It is a lot harder for other parents when the child is a little older, making messes everywhere and wandering off without their knowledge.

Others find it difficult to parent teenagers because of their decisions and choices. According to this research, parenting does not get easier; it only gets better.

What is the Hardest Stage of Parenting?

One stage that is difficult for practically every parent is between infancy and three years old. During this time, parents struggle just to keep the baby alive.

At birth, babies may have trouble adjusting to life outside the womb and thus cry a lot or even develop a few complications. Then, babies need to get accustomed to bottling and feeding, which may also render them ill if not handled well.

Babies cannot talk. The only way to tell if there is a problem is if the baby is crying or fussy. So, it is especially difficult because, at this stage, parents must monitor their babies closely in case they become ill. Therefore, parents tend to suffer from anxiety, and doctor visits can be numerous.

When Do Babies Get Easier?

It may start to get easier when babies reach four years of age, which is when they can utter a few words and communicate their needs and desires. At this stage, parenting can only get better because parents understand their child more, and the child starts to understand his or her parents.

Parents can warn a child if he or she is doing something wrong, and the child may finally understand. If the child’s stomach hurts, the child can let the parents know. So, parenting gets better, not easier. Hopefully, with each passing stage, communication between parent and child improves, and parenting can only get better with good communication.


Studies have proved that parenting gets better and much easier with good communication. Parents are advised not to rush the process but to take it a step at a time and savor every minute. Generally, all stages of parenting are difficult, but if parents adopt strategies that improve communication, relationships between parents and children will be more meaningful, hence making parenting better.


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