What Is the Safest Time to Have Sex without Getting Pregnant?

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The safest time for any woman to have sex without getting pregnant would be the time outside of her fertile window, also referred to as the safe days. Getting pregnant is possible on any day within the fertile window, which depends on the individual’s menstrual cycle.

It goes without saying that a woman needs to know her cycle in order to avoid getting pregnant. If possible, a woman should track her periods long enough to find out whether her cycle is regular or irregular. It is a lot easier to determine safe days for a woman whose cycle is regular and stable.

How to Predict Safe Days

It is important to note that in order to predict safe days all factors should remain constant. A woman’s schedule should remain unchanged to prevent the fluctuation of hormones.

For the average twenty-eight-day cycle, count fourteen days from the first day of a menstrual period and mark it. Next, count five days before and five days after the fourteenth day and mark them too.

Those eleven days are the fertile window. Any sexual intercourse within that time frame is likely to result in pregnancy. However, sperm can stay viable for up to five days, so it is best to have sex as far away from the fertile window as possible to avoid getting pregnant.

Another way to calculate the fertile window is to count twelve days from the last day of a menstrual period and mark them as fertile days. Avoid unprotected sex during that time. Any day outside the twelve days is safe.

How to Count Safe Days after Periods

One sure way to figure out the safest time to have sex without getting pregnant is to monitor one’s natural body changes. Symptoms such as higher temperatures and changes in vaginal discharge indicate when a woman is ovulating. Therefore, the safe days will likely be when these symptoms are not present.

Period trackers can also help determine safe days. They show all the details of a woman’s cycle and are most effective after longtime use. Period trackers are available online. Download a tracker and use it continuously for a minimum of six months in order to determine a stable, regular cycle that applies to you.


Safe days vary from woman to woman depending on both internal and external factors. It is a bit difficult to pinpoint safe days exactly, but it gets easier once a woman knows her cycle and its changes. If a woman knows her safe days, she does not have to worry about getting pregnant. But if a woman is not sure when her safe days are, she should make a conscious effort to use protection in order to avoid getting pregnant. More information about safe days is available online. Consult a doctor if you need better guidance.

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