What Are the Best Period Tracking Apps for Android and iOS Devices?

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Tech savvy women may wonder which period app is best for them. Women like to track their periods so they are prepared in advance. Tracking periods also helps women learn more about themselves and their bodies. To a larger extent, it helps them manage menstruation symptoms.

The typical period cycle occurs every twenty-eight days, but cycles can vary from as low as twenty days to as many as thirty-nine days or more. In addition, menstrual periods last for three to four days for most women, but for others it could last for up to seven days or more.

It’s easier to handle changes in the period cycle if a woman tracks her period. Any abnormalities in the cycle can be detected early, and it avoids unpleasant surprises, panic, or embarrassment when a period finally arrives. There are several period tracking apps for women to use. The only thing a woman needs to know is which one works for her.

Here is a list of the most commonly used period tracking apps.

Eve Period Tracker

This amazing period tracker app has attractive charts that women can use to predict their next cycle. Women can use past periods to gauge the timing of future periods. Its accuracy enables women to manage mood swings and any other symptoms they may experience during a period. The app also helps women who are trying to conceive and gives women access to great discussions about general health, periods, sex, and other topics.

Eve Period Tracker
Some Features of Eve Period Tracker Playstore Link

Cycles Period Tracker

For this particular app, it does not matter whether a woman’s periods are regular or irregular. Once a woman inputs the first day of her cycle, Cycles does the math and makes any necessary notifications. One special feature of this app is that couples can participate together so that both partners are aware of the cycle, which helps couples to plan. Some women have used it to try and get pregnant as well.

The Cycles Period Tracker and Fertility Tracker
The Cycles Period Tracker and Fertility Tracker iTunes Link

Flo Period Tracker

Flo has easy-to-use calendars that increase its accuracy and reliability. This app uses a woman’s body changes, such as the status of her flow, the symptoms she is experiencing, and even her sex drive, to predict the next period. The app also offers health tips and helps women manage general physical activities too.

Screenshots of the Flo Period Tracker
Screenshots of the Flo Period Tracker Interface Playstore Link

Clue Period Tracker

Clue is based on pure science, to say the least. It tracks practically everything related to a woman’s period, such as general health, mood, and exercise activity, in addition to the menstrual cycle. The Clue period tracker operates based on the information the woman provides, so the longer she uses it, the more effective it will be.

Clue App for Period and General Health Tracking
The Clue App for Period and General Health Tracking Playstore Link


Why should women use a period tracking app? Although it’s a given that periods come around every month, period tracking apps provide extra information about exact arrival dates, flow status, expected symptoms, and even the severity of menstrual cramps that women can use to stay prepared. That way, they are always ahead of the game.

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