Does Supplemental Iron Intake during Pregnancy Lead to Gestational Diabetes? Supplemental Iron Intake and the Risk of Glucose Intolerance in Pregnancy: Re-analysis of a Randomised Controlled Trial in Finland

4 mins read

Iron supplements are often taken during pregnancy. However, some observational studies suggest that high iron intake may lead to gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes (GD), or glucose intolerance during pregnancy, increases the risk


Corn Soya Blend Plus: A Nutritional Alternative during Pregnancy Prenatal Supplementation with Corn Soya Blend Plus Reduces the Risk of Maternal Anemia in Late Gestation and Lowers the Rate of Preterm Birth but Does Not Significantly Improve Maternal Weight Gain and Birth Anthropometric Measurements in Rural Cambodian Women: A Randomized Trial

6 mins read

The mother’s nutrition is critical to the development and outcome of pregnancy, affecting not only the size of the child at birth but also the duration of the pregnancy. When mothers are

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