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Authoritarian parenting is perhaps one of the most discouraged parenting styles among psychologists. It thrives on the use of punishment to discourage undesirable behavior. There is no mutual communication between the parents and children, and the children are expected to obey their parents without question. The children’s wishes are mostly ignored. Authoritarian parenting generally lacks physical love and affection and, therefore, usually results in children who are emotionally unstable and withdrawn. Since they are deprived of love, affection, and attention, they may interact negatively with those around them. The children thus possess poor social skills and do not display the same competencies as their peers. Children of authoritarian parenting are also at a higher risk for juvenile delinquency and drug abuse.

What Are Parenting Styles?

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The term parenting style refers to the combination of strategies employed to raise children. John Locke, an English philosopher in 1689, proposed that children are born with a “tabula rasa,” or a blank slate, by which parents could transmit their values or beliefs to their children. How parents transmit their values or beliefs—their parenting style—has…

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